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Mainstreaming Gender in Environmental Assessment and Early Warning: Conceptual Challenges and Opportunities, a report by Joni Seager and Betsy Hartmann

Division of Early Warning and Assessment
United Nations Environment Programme
Nairobi, Kenya

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This report seeks to help the understanding of key questions relating to gender mainstreaming into UNEP’s early warning and assessment program. It analyzes key issues in the areas of gender and the environment as they relate to water, poverty, security, conflict, early warning, disaster, and vulnerability to environmental change.  The report also outlines challenges and opportunities for further strengthening UNEP’s work in the area of gender and the environment.

The Population and Development Program at
Hampshire College

Betsy Hartmann, Director

The Population and Development Program is dedicated to promoting reproductive rights, economic justice, and social equality for women through education, research, and analysis in women’s health, the environment, and population policy. Founded in 1986, the program brings a global perspective to the study and investigation of population and environmental issues and challenges traditional views of overpopulation and immigration as primary causes of environmental degradation, political instability, and poverty. The program also serves as a documentation and monitoring resource for educators, students, journalists, activists, opinion leaders, and policy makers in the U.S. and abroad.

Visit http://popdev.hampshire.edu

Population and Development Program publications include:

Stop the Blame: Population Control Imagery

This digital flash archive displays historical prints, posters and articles that articulate overpopulation anxieties and illustrate population control policies. The interactive presentation offers a rare overview of the visual media of past and present population control agendas in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. It is a tool that can be used in classrooms, activist trainings, and public talks. Each image is accompanied by a written description that provides context and food for thought.

Download the presentation for free at http://popdev.hampshire.edu/stop-the-blame

Population in Perspective: A Curriculum Resource

This innovative teaching tool for high school and early college levels challenges students to think critically about national and international population issues. Designed as an accessible and flexible supplement to social studies, environmental studies and other subjects that address global issues, Population in Perspective contains 276 pages of teaching ideas, background readings, up-to-date facts and figures, provocative quotes, poems, and cartoons, and a comprehensive resource list. 

Order or download for free at http://www.populationinperspective.org

Praise for Population in Perspective

A treasure trove of resources for teachers that challenges us to question widely-held myths about power and wealth in the world. This book will strengthen every teacher's curriculum.

Bill Bigelow, co-editor, Rethinking Globalization: Teaching for Justice in an Unjust World

It’s rare to find a curriculum guide that so clearly and ably speaks to teachers and their work…This is a superior text focusing on essential topics for students in a global society and should also serve as a model for other curriculum guides.

Dr. Wendy Kohler, Executive Director for Program Development, Amherst Regional Schools

Enlightens students’ minds and helps broaden their perspectives and global connections. All educators who strive to make our world better must have this as part of their tool box!

Dawn Fontaine, high school social studies teacher, Springfield, Massachusetts

The DifferenTakes Issue Paper Series

DifferenTakes issue papers bring alternative feminist analysis of key population, environment and security issues to the media, educators, policymakers, advocacy organizations and activists.

Visit http://popdev.hampshire.edu/projects/dt/

Special DifferenTakes collections

Reviving Reproductive Safety

This collection of nine short articles by well-known women’s rights advocates examines current controversies surrounding contraceptive safety, new reproductive technologies, population control and women's health.

Download here.

Babies, Burdens and Threats: Current Faces of Population Control

These ten short articles cast a critical eye on the current landscape of population control. Topics include population aging, race and immigration, eugenics and biological determinism, the environment, national security, and a comprehensive overview of why we should rethink the population problem.

Download here.



“A political thriller that confronts the darkest imponderables of our post-9/11 world.”
- Kai Bird

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