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Reproductive Rights and Wrongs: The Global Politics of Population Control
by Betsy Hartmann

South End Press

Description of Reproductive Rights and Wrongs:

Reproductive Rights and Wrongs provides a compelling and urgently needed critique of the economic, political, health and human rights consequences of population control as practiced by the U.S. population establishment, national governments, and international agencies.  Through extensive research, the author reveals how the narrow goal of reducing birth rates has distorted contraceptive development and undermined the quality of family planning programs.  From a combined feminist, developmentalist and civil libertarian perspective, Betsy Hartmann argues that the real solution to the population problem lies not in coercive population control programs but in the improvement of living standards, the position of women, and the quality of health and family planning services.

Praise for Reproductive Rights and Wrongs:

This is a book of conscience.  Shocking, eloquent, carefully researched, it should be read – and acted upon.
Gena Corea, author of The Hidden Malpractice and The Mother Machine

Stands out amid the rising tide of books on the population question. Hartmann’s critique of global special interests in population and the environment is must reading for students and policy analysts.
- Judy Norsigian and Norma Swenson, co-authors, The New Our Bodies, Ourselves

At this juncture in history when victim blaming has become more blatant and oppressive, there is a need for voices of sanity.  This book is such a voice.  It reflects conviction, courage, sensitivity, and deep insight.
- Mira Shiva, Asian Representative, International People’s Health Council



“A political thriller that confronts the darkest imponderables of our post-9/11 world.”
- Kai Bird

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