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To read “The Parable of the Herdsman and Other Tall Tales”, Keynote address, Conference on Rethinking Climate Change, Conflict and Security”, Sussex Centre for International Security, October 18, 2012, click here.

To read "Challenging the Militarization of Climate Change," Plenary on Militarization and Security, Peace and Justice Studies Annual Conference, Anticipating Climate Disruption, Tufts University, October 6, 2012, click here.

To view Betsy Hartmann’s speech on “Stoking Population Fears Threatens Reproductive Rights and the Environment” at the May 2011 UCL/Leverhulme Trust Population Footprints Symposium, click Here

To view Betsy’s speech on “Radioactive Roulette at the Capitalist Casino” at the April 2011 CLPP Reproductive Freedom Conference at Hampshire College, click Here

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“A political thriller that confronts the darkest imponderables of our post-9/11 world.”
- Kai Bird

View Bety's recent TEDx speech on "Beyond Apocalypse and Down to Earth"
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Newsclick India video interview with Betsy Hartmann on population and climate change, January 20, 2010
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Betsy is featured in French director Mathilde Damoisel's new documentary about forced sterilizations in Peru
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Why Anti-Nuclear Belongs in All of Our Movements”, Common Dreams, April 12, 2011
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